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Sajivan Tel

Sajivan Tel

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SAJIVAN TEL (OIL) : SAJIVAN OIL is a successfully developed herbal oil after years of research. It is prepared form ancient, timetested Indian herbs. It is natural and 100 % pure vegetarian oil without any animal fats or chemicals. SAJIVAN OIL  can be used by all age groups including children with absolutely no side effects.

SAJIVAN OIL is very effective & useful as first-aid in various emergencies. e.g.: pain killer, burns, cuts, wounds, sores, injuries, join, swellings , insect bites, headache, toothache, rheumatic pain, piles, joint pain, internal & external injures, burn & cuts, scars & stretch marks, childrens massage, pimples, ache, eczema, ringworm, skin disease, common colds.

BURNS : apply SAJIVAN OIL with cotton swab 2 to 3 times daily. Relieve pains & removes wounds & burns scar marks.

CUTS : apply SAJIVAN OIL with cotton swabs. It stops bleeding immediately & heals the wound with in short time as if surgical stitched.

BLOOD CLOTTING IN INTERNAL / EXTERNAL INJURY SWELLINGS : gently massage the affected area with SAJIVAN OIL for 10 to 15 minutes daily will dissolve the blood clothing and gives relief.

HEADACHE, BACK ACHE & CHEST PAIN : massage the affected area for 10 minutes with SAJIVAN OIL gives relief from the pain.

GENERAL BODY PAIN : massage the body with SAJIVAN OIL daily gives relief from the pain & makes bones strong.

EARACHE : drop 2 drops of SAJIVAN OIL ease the pain.

TOOTH ACHE : apply with swab on the affected tooth and gums.

RHEUMATIC PAIN / JOINT PAIN :apply with cotton on the affected part and rub gently till absorption.

DRY SKIN CRACKED HEELS & CHAPPED HAND : rub the affected area with SAJIVAN OIL before going to bed regularly. It moisturizes and smoothen the skin.

ECZEMA, RINGWORMS, SKIN DIESEASE : clean the affected area with antiseptic solution, apply SAJIVAN OIL gently thrice a day regularly.

PILES : apply on tumors of vein affected 3 to 4 times continuously for 7 days will heal completely.

POISONOUS INSECTS BITES : if applied immediately on the bites gives relief.

CHILDRENS MASSAGE : massage the childrens for 10 to 15 minutes regularly keeps baby bones healthy and strong.

POLIO & PARALYSIS : it can be used for massaging the bones of the polio & paralytic patients.

SCARS & STRETCH MARKS : apply gently an the affected area before going to bed regularly removes all scars and stretch marks and makes skin flawless.

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