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Sukoon Herbal Hair Tonic

Sukoon Herbal Hair Tonic

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    • Help Regrowth of Hair


    • Pure Hair Oil

    • Prevent Falling and Thinning of Hair

    • Prevent Premature greying

    • Effective against baldness and dandruff

SUKOON HERBAL HAIR TONIC is a successfully developed herbal hair tonic after several years of research. SUKOON HERBAL HAIR TONIC is prepared from 9 proven & time tested Indian herbs in its pure form. It is natural and 100 % vegetarian and perfect solution for various types of hair problems faced by

todays urban population due to stress, tension, pollution and skin diseases. SHHT can be used by all age groups. With absolutely no side effects.

SHHT is especially useful to cure baldness, hair falls, premature greying of hair, dandruff, split ends.

SHHT nourishes & revitalize scalp, removes dead cells, improves blood circulation from inner-level, solve the problem of scalp skin diseases and help regrowth of hair.

SHHT contain ancient time tested, Indian herbs blessed by ayurveda based in refined coconut oil and Teel oil. It nourishes and strengthen hair right from root to tip.

BLACK SEED (NIGELLA SATIVA) (KALONJI) : black seeds seeks to cure hair problem and skin disease, it stops hair loss, baldness, premature greying of hair and headache.

Studies shows that black seeds has been traditional used since almost 1400 years by millions of people in Asia middle east and Africa to promote health and fight disease.

BHANGRA : makes hair dark black and arrest dandruff & stops premature graying.
Amla : this ayurveda herbs used everyday when combine together in correct combination, strengthen hair root, stops hair fall, gives your hair the shine and luster it needs.
HARDA & BEHARDA : it keeps head cool and gives sound sleep.
JATH AMANSI : an underground root possessing an pleasant fragrance, prevent hair fall and baldness and ensure its new growth.
KAPUR KACHRI : especially prevent baldness and hairfall and makes them more manageable.
COCONUT OIL & TEEL OIL : it is enriched in vitamins and protein's to make your hair stronger healthier and more beautiful.
Each 100ml contains

    • Kalonji Oil : 2%

    • Bhangra : 2%

    • Amla : 2%

    • Harda : 2%

    • Beharda : 2%

    • Jathamansi : 2%

    • Kapoor Kachari : 2%

    • Almond Oil : 2%

    • Coconut Oil : 64%

    • Til Oil : 20%

Used in

    • Dandruff

    • Hair Fall

    • Premature Greying

Application : Apply Oil on Scalp & Hairs massage gently for 2 minutes.

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